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April, 2014 | Retirement for Seniors
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Five Fun and Safe Exercises for Seniors

Date : Apr 30,2014 By : Kandace Heller The science is in, and it is readily evident that seniors can be healthy, active and happy. It pretty much comes down to genetics, nutrition and exercise. There is not a whole lot that can be done about genetics, but proper nutrition and exercise are wholly in […]

Five Programs Every Senior Should Be Familiar With During Retirement

Date : Apr 18,2014 By : Anita Ginsburg There are a lot of perks to being a senior. You may have children and grandchildren to spend time with and to give guidance to. A fixed income is often the reality with seniors as well. Many businesses offer senior discounts, and most agree that their senior […]

Understanding Why Many Seniors Don’t Qualify for Social Security

Date : Apr 17,2014 By : Anita Ginsburg Most men and women are not able to receive disability benefits and social security retirement benefits at the same time. This is because the social security disability program is designed to offer benefits for men and women who are unable to work because of their current disability […]

6 Steps Seniors Can Take Now To Enjoy Retirement To The Fullest

Date : Apr 12,2014 By : Anita Ginsburg Now that your retirement is becoming a reality, there are ways you can get ready to enjoy those blissful golden years. Take some time to prepare now and you’ll be able to enjoy every moment to its fullest. Here are six steps that will prevent undue worries. […]

Spend Your Twilight Years in Comfort By Considering These 5 Things

Date : Apr 12,2014 By : Meghan Belnap As you approach your “twilight years,” it is important to ensure that you are prepared for retirement. The last years of your life should be ones that bring you joy, relaxation and comfort around your family members and friends. You can prepare to enjoy a great retirement […]

Four Important Questions to Ask When Searching for a Retirement Home

Date : Apr 12,2014 By : Brooke Chaplan “Retirement home,” even in the twenty-first century, still carries a negative stigma. For many families, placing an elderly loved one in a retirement home brings up images of loneliness and maltreatment. Fortunately, the face of retirement care has changed, but there are still important questions to be […]

5 Major Signs it is Time to Get Hearing Aids

Date : Apr 10,2014 By : Lizzie Weakley Enjoying an orchestral performance in a renowned concert hall or the sounds of nature while sitting on a local park bench are some of life’s most simple pleasures. Unfortunately, hearing damage can disrupt your ability to enjoy such things and reduce your quality of life in general. […]

Ready to Retire: 7 Important Reasons to Have a Retirement Plan

Date : Apr 10,2014 By : Lizzie Weakley Retirement on your mind? If you plan on leaving the workforce at a decent age, then you should start retirement planning now. There are several important reasons why you should have a retirement plan. 1. Flexibility A retirement plan lets you roll with the punches a little […]

Seven Best Cars for Senior Driving

Date : Apr 09,2014 By : Karleia steiner Older drivers must purchase the best vehicle for their needs for various reasons. Most seniors have problems getting in and out of most cars, and others have issues adjusting the seat. Although there are many cars that are designed by various automotive companies, there are only are […]

Projects that Will Keep You Busy When Adjusting to Retirement

Date : Apr 09,2014 By : Kandace Heller You might think that when you retire you have to sit at home and watch television or play cards all day at the senior center. This is far from true. There are several activities that you can do alone or with friends that will keep you busy […]