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Three Insurance Options For Your Later Years: Planning for the Future

Date : Mar 28,2014 By : Rianne Hunter When you are young in age, it is important to think about how you will financially support yourself and make it through your retirement years. Investing in an insurance plan can be a smart choice if you want to make sure that funds are available to cover […]

The Smart Way to Save for Retirement

Date : Mar 27,2014 By : Lizzie Weakley When you want to have a financially secure and happy retirement, you must try as hard as possible. Fortunately, with this and a little research, you can retire in comfort and style. With this in mind, here are five smart ways to save for retirement. Start early: […]

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Assisted Living Community For Your Loved One

Date : Mar 26,2014 By : Karleia Steiner If you have a loved one who is getting older, suffering from a debilitating illness or is no longer able to take care of themselves while living on their own, finding the ideal assisted living home is not always easy. Knowing how to go about choosing the […]

Fun Tips to Make Your Golden Years a Little More Golden

Date : Mar 25,2014 By : Brooke Chaplan You’ve spent your working years building a reputation as a reliable and responsible employee. The company has profited from your knowledge and dedication. Now it’s time for you to bask in a golden glow as you awaken each day to an empty slate to fill however you […]

How to Make Your Health in Your Retired Years Even Better

Date : Mar 25,2014 By : Brooke Chaplan Retirement should be one of the greatest times of your life. You now have the leisure time to do things you enjoy, like traveling and visiting family members. However, your golden years will not be as pleasurable if you are always sick. It is very important to […]

Be Prepared: What You Need To Know About Retirement Disability

Date : Mar 25,2014 By : Anita Ginsburg While there are many things you need to do to prepare for retirement, understanding retirement disability is especially important. Luckily, there are numerous government disability programs that can help provide the income you need. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) can cause unnecessary delays or rejections on […]

The Six Best Exercises for Active Seniors

Date : Mar 22,2014 By : Emma Sturgis Growing older certainly doesn’t mean slowing down. In fact, remaining active throughout one’s lifetime poses numerous benefits. Adults who engage in physical activity are better able to manage symptoms of illness or pain, boost immune function, and improve both memory and mood. Take a look at these […]

Quilting 101: A Guide to Fun Retirement Hobbies

When it comes to your retirement years, you want a hobby that will keep you entertained while also creating something lovely. More and more retirees are turning to quilting as the hobby that engages their passion, and if you have never thought about quilting before, now is the time to start! What Is Quilting? At […]

Resting in Peace: Understanding Your End of Life Options

Date : Mar 19,2014 By : Anita Ginsburg While certainly not one of the most comfortable conversations to have, discussing End of Life Options is very important. It is important for your loved ones to understand what your wishes are for your health care and funeral plans. Advance Care Planning Technology has allowed people to […]

Exploring Your Options In Retirement: Lesson 1: Where To Live?

Date : Mar 18,2014 By : Brionna Kennedy It seems as if a new article about the best places to retire surfaces everyday on the news. Beautiful vistas are shown with either blue waters surrounding sandy beaches or majestic mountains towering over windswept plains. It’s enough for anyone to want to consolidate their 401K and […]