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January, 2014 | Retirement for Seniors
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Help For Loved Ones: How To Select The Best At-Home Care Provider

Date : January 30,2014 By :Emma Sturgis When one of your loved ones requires added or special assistance, sometimes they are hesitant to accept the help. Many older individuals value their independence and are not particularly inclined to receive help with tasks like bathing and dressing. Even an individual who cherishes their independence, however, will […]

Five Tips For Seniors interested in Buying Smart Phones and iPads

Date : January 29,2014 By :Marlena Stoddard One of the main challenges for senior citizens in today’s society is purchasing smartphones and iPads that are commonplace in every sector of our culture. Technology can often be intimidating for those who did not grow up learning how to use a variety of products and tools, making […]

Pearly White Delights: 5 Tips for Adjusting to Dentures

Date : January 29,2014 By :Samantha Stainsburry You now have a beautiful new smile, but that doesn’t mean you know how to use your dentures. Getting used to new dentures takes time, but following these five tips can help you learn how to use your new teeth quickly and properly. Start Slow Harder-to-eat foods may […]

6 Benefits of Planning Ahead for Your Retirement Financial Needs

Date : January 25,2014 By : Rianne Hunter Planning financially for retirement is essential if you want to be able to enjoy those golden years to their fullest. You can have the retirement you dream of by thinking ahead when it comes to money. The reward is six excellent benefits to planning ahead for your […]

Five Ideas For Designing A Comfortable Home You Can Retire In

Date : January 25,2014 By : Marlena Stoddard After working years upon years to make it to retiring age, many individuals have the dream of retiring into a comfortable home and living life enjoyably day to day. To make this dream come true, planning is key. With a couple of ideas for designing, this dream […]

Step out in confidence, with a little help!

Date : January 23,2014 By : Andrew Atkinson It is widely recognised that a little gentle exercise of just a few minutes a day is good for your health, but what if aches and pains are making your walk feel more like an uphill struggle? Many people are not aware of the increasingly wide range […]

6 Steps for Finding Affordable, Comfortable Assisted Living

Date : January 23,2014 By : Marlena Stoddard When it’s time to start thinking about assisted living care, it can be a bit overwhelming. Declining mobility and independence can be devastating for you and a loved one. Assisted living communities are aware of the needs of its residents. They understand and balance the assistance of […]

Five Classic Gift Ideas for Grandfather

Date : January 22,2014 By : Jayla Barnsen You take your gift-giving seriously, and you always want to do your best to buy gifts that will truly mean something to the recipient. When it comes time to pick out a gift for your grandfather, try to find classic gift choices that are sure to put […]

Ready To Retire? 5 Ways To Get Yourself Ready For A Relaxed Life

Date : January 18,2014 By : Tricia Borren When looking to retire in comfort and style, one should try to follow a few basic rules. When doing so, a person can have a nice and happy life. Otherwise, a retired individual will have a hard time having a good life. Fortunately, with these five tips, […]

Six Suggestions for Enjoying Sports in Retirement

Date : January 16,2014 By : Marlena Stoddard Aerobics may be the last thing on your retirement list, but why can’t exercise be fun? Sports can turn upping your level of physical activity into a game, and players can build character while burning calories. T-ball may have been slow, dusty, and a million years ago, […]