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November, 2013 | Retirement for Seniors
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Protecting the Nest Egg: Four Ways to Make Your Retirement Check Go Further

Date : November 27,2013 By : Marlena Stoddard In today’s economically unstable environment, it’s more important than ever for those preparing for retirement to plan carefully. As people live longer and longer lives after retiring, making the retirement income stretch as much as possible is vital to enjoying one’s golden years. While it may sound […]

Taking Care Of Elderly Parents: 5 Things You Can Do To Make Them Comfortable

Date : November 27,2013 By : Anita Ginsburg As the population of this country ages, many adult children are becoming their parents’ caregivers. If you have recently found yourself in this situation, you may be feeling as if you’re navigating through uncharted waters. Naturally, you understand and respect the desire that elderly people have to […]

The Golden Years: 6 Tips To Stay Healthy and Active Over 60

Date : November 27,2013 By : Hannah Whittenly As people age, the precautions they take to maintain health become even more important. Good nutrition, exercise and proper medical care can make your older years some of the best years of your life. A few tips will help you to enjoy these years to their fullest. […]

Looking To Retire? 5 Great Places To Spend Your Golden Years

Date : November 27,2013 By : Tricia Borren When retiring, some people want to sell it all and go on a new adventure. With so many inexpensive and breathtaking destinations, one has many choices when wanting to move to a place to spend their golden years. Luckily, there is something for every lifestyle and every […]

Not Ready For Retirement? Five Ways to Start Preparing Today

Date : November 26,2013 By : Kandace Heller Retirement may be something that seems far off for you. Maybe you have reached an age where you would like to retire, but continue working because retirement isn’t financially attainable. It’s never to early to start planning, but it’s also never too late. Here are five ways […]

5 Important Considerations That Need to Be Made When Choosing Furniture for Your Home

Date : November 22,2013 By : Chaleigh Glass Choosing new furniture for a home is cause for much excitement, but it can also be a large decision since you more than likely will be using these things for years to come. Maybe you are moving into a brand new place and want new furnishings to […]

Senior Secrets The Best Resorts for Retired Travel

Date : December 28,2013 By : Brooke Chaplan Many seniors have saved money for years, with the intention of using that money to travel when they retire. While a retired individual or couple may have enough funds set aside for traveling, finding affordable options is likely a priority. Without emptying their retirement savings, senior citizens […]

Five Weapons Help Seniors Fight Flu

Date : November 22,2013 By : Karleia steiner The flu is one of the many unpleasant things that come along with the colder weather. The immune system has a tendency to weaken as you age, which is why older people are more likely to develop the flu. The good news is that there are several […]

The Great Debate Should You Use a Real Estate Agent or Sell the Home on Your Own

Date : November 23,2013 By : Chaleigh Glass Are you debating whether to put a “for sale by owner” sign in your yard or hire a professional agent? If you’re looking to cut the costs of selling a residential property, one of the obvious considerations is to keep the commissions in your pocket by listing […]

How to Make Your House as Fall-proof as possible for an Elderly Person

Date : November 21,2013 By : Trevor Lucy Elderly relatives can be particularly vulnerable to accidents at the home and if you have or plan to have an elderly person living with you, then you will need to ensure to take appropriate measures to make your house asfall-proof as possible. Here are a few helpful […]