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October, 2013 | Retirement for Seniors
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Tips for Helping Your Relationship Survive Retirement

Date : October 31,2013 By : Alice Jerusha No matter what happens in retirement, your marriage will soon feel the effects of this life-changing event. New research suggests that newly retired men and women have a greater chance of suffering from depression and the key to a happy marriage after retirement was how successfully the […]

Retirement is Around the Corner: Top 5 Retirement Locations

Date : October 30,2013 By : Brionna Kennedy Retirement is the reward for years of hard work, and for people planning to retire the most important decision is picking a great place to live. While there are places in the United States and abroad, some stand out for factors such as weather, affordability and activities. […]

Retired Life: Tips to Make Your Golden Years Better

Date : October 30,2013 By : Brooke Chaplan There are measures you can take to make your retirement years more enjoyable. If you are wise with your finances and lifestyle choices, you should have no problem living the rest of your life to the fullest. Your golden years also give you the opportunity to experience […]

5 Helpful Hints to Ease Grooming and Hygiene for Seniors

Date : October 30,2013 By : Karleia Steiner Senior citizens look and feel better when they are well groomed and clean, but they may not remember to groom completely. As they get older, they may simply give up grooming activities that become too difficult. Men may have mastered the art of shaving long ago, but […]

Crystal Clear: 5 Ways You Can Care for Your Eyes and Improve Your Vision

Date : October 29,2013 By : Chaleigh Glass Your eyes are quite possibly one of the most important organs in your body. While advancements in technology and society have allowed for people with a wide variety of vision problems to have a normal life, it is still a good idea to care for your eyes […]

Three Things to Know About a Special Needs Trust

Date : October 26,2013 By : Enrica Clavito If you wish to take care of a loved one who has special mental or physical needs upon the event of your death, one recommended solution is the establishment of a special needs trust that is set up in their name. It is one of the most […]

When Kids Return: Prepare Your Home for a Returning Child with These 5 Tips

Date : October 24,2013 By : Marlena Stoddard For some time now, your child has been away at college. However, the moment is finally coming when he or she is going to return home. How can you prepare for them to return to the nest, whether it’s just for a summer or much longer? Prepare […]

5 Most Common Diseases For Seniors And What You Can Do About It

Date : October 24,2013 By : Anita Ginsburg As the 21st century continues, medical and technological advancements are resulting in a new population of elderly people who are likely to live longer. Despite the fact that health advancements are resulting in longevity, however, many seniors are still plagued with debilitating diseases that preclude them from […]

Rocking Retirement: Tips to Keeping An Active Lifestyle

Date : October 23,2013 By : Tricia blurs One of the many leisurely activities of retirement is obviously the newly found relaxation that can be enjoyed for the rest of a person’s life. While there is nothing wrong with taking the slow lane after retirement, it’s still a good idea to maintain an active lifestyle […]

Five Budget Friendly Ways To Keep A Healthy Smile

Date : October 22,2013 By : Hannah Whittenly The importance of taking care of your teeth and gums cannot be reiterated enough. A healthy mouth is one of the keys to a healthy body. Contrary to what many people believe, taking care of your mouth does not have to cost a fortune. Below are some […]