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Get Paid for Speaking English While Retired Overseas (and Not Just for Teaching!)

Date : July 24,2013 By : Mario Vitanelli Mario Vitanelli is a freelance writer and blogger who specializes in international politics and finance, retirement and investment. His areas of expertise include European, Asian and Latin/South American economic policy and UK pension transfers. When away from his keyboard, he enjoys photography and appreciates the rest of […]

How to Live Longer and Stay Healthier

Date :May 20,2013 By : Victory Healthcare has been a point of bitter contention, not only between Republicans and Democrats, but also between conservatives and liberals, young and old, and many different demographics throughout the voting population over the last few years. Although no one can seem to agree on a solution, everybody seems able […]

Intergenerational Retirement Homes Attracting People

Date : June 19,2013 By : Tom MacDonald It is widely believed that retirement homes are only for retirees. This notion is being challenged by many senior citizens who are opting to live in retirement communities that also allow people from younger generations to live on the premises. Almost all retirement homes and assisted living […]

Saving Money: Five Services to Take Advantage for Your Ailing Loved One

Date : July 11,2013 By : Kandace Heller People in their forties and fifties are quickly finding themselves in the group called the “Sandwich Generation”, caring for children at home as well as elderly parents. This creates a great deal of financial and emotional strain for many families. It’s only natural that the elderly who […]