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June, 2013 | Retirement for Seniors
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Niche Communities on the Rise in Assisted Living

Date : June 25,2013 By : Tom MacDonald Traditional retirement homes are reducing in number as niche assisted living centers become popular! Specialty retirement communities have gained a lot of traction in the recent past. Distinctively styled, they are offering senior citizens new experiences in the company of like-minded people. Traditional retirement communities have existed […]

Thai Police and Personal Security in Chiangmai

Date : June 20,2013 By : Admin Thailand is like everywhere I suppose; if you have half a brain and use it you should be just fine. I know of people who abuse alcohol and drugs and wind up in bad situations but that is to be expected. Thailand is also a place of very […]

Things to do in ChiangMai-shopping

Date : June 19,2013 By : Admin There are lots of things to do here. One of the those I personally like to do is shop. Shopping, however does not always mean buying. There is shopping and then there is shopping. I own and run a packing and shipping company here and part of what […]

A Travelers Guide to Retiring Abroad

Date : June 15,2013 By : Louis Mack Have you always dreamed of traveling abroad or moving overseas but life got in the way? Between careers, kids, mortgage payments, and everyday life, perhaps with retirement it’s time to make those dreams into a reality. Just imagine mimosa’s on a warm paradise beach, or having dinner […]

Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

Date : June 08,2013 By : Elena Watson There are lots of things to love about summertime: the warm weather, the longer days, the ability to spend time outdoors. As a senior, you can enjoy all of these things and more, but it’s important to exercise a little extra care to keep yourself safe and […]

The Essentials to Setting Up A Good Life Insurance Policy

Date : June 05,2013 By : Allen Grove Everyone wants to take precautions to ensure their loved ones are properly taken care of when they’re gone. Setting up a life insurance policy is one of the best ways to ensure that if something tragic happens to you, your family will not be completely left to […]

Major Obstacles Retirees are Facing Today

Date : June 01,2013 By : Joe Uhll For a lot of people, retirement is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It represents relaxation, spending a lot more time with the grandkids, and possibly even moving to a much warmer climate in places like Florida or Arizona. But just as things […]