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January, 2013 | Retirement for Seniors
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Retire From Life and You Die Early

You can add more years to your life by not being a smoker or a heavy drinker or by having a pet. We all know this but did you know that you can take years away by retiring from life? If you are doing something you really love you feel as though you will never […]

Things You Should Know About Retiring to Malta

Many people who live in cool, wet and windy countries dream of retiring to somewhere with a warmer climate. There are plenty of holiday destinations which match these criteria, although these places are not necessary suitable for residing on a long-term basis. Perhaps the most popular choices are the Mediterranean countries, with Malta being towards […]

The Top 8 Australian Cities to Retire to

Australia boasts great weather, a vast and varied landscape, modern infrastructure and a wonderful lifestyle, and it isn’t hard to see why increasing numbers of people are choosing to live there in their later years. There are many countries around the world that make ideal places to retire to, but Australia is hard to beat. […]

9 of the Cheapest Places to Retire Worldwide

Retirement is often an expensive proposition. Not only will you be losing your steady paycheck, but, particularly if you retire young, your living expenses might actually go up. You’ll now have an opportunity to do all that traveling and eating out you never had time for when you were working; you’ll be able to pursue […]

Malaysia: An Exotic Retirement Destination and 6 Great Reasons it is the Right Choice For You

Few of the retirement choices in South-East Asia can compare with Malaysia, an almost-perfect destination, largely due to the friendly people, a great infrastructure and wonderful weather. This peaceful, stable country, like many in the region, offers great value for money, and appeals to those people who would like to spend their retirement in a […]

The Top 5 English Counties to Retire to

Anyone looking to retire to the United Kingdom from another country might like to carefully evaluate their retirement income before doing so. The UK is a notoriously expensive country in which to live, therefore, this article is more geared towards the people who have healthy bank balances and/or already live in Britain. If you can […]

5 Reasons Indonesia Is a Great Cheap Retirement Option

Of all the countries in South-East Asia that people choose for their retirement, Indonesia has some of the more exotic and appealing islands; namely Bali and Lombok. Popular with regular tourists as well as those people seeking an expat lifestyle, the combination of great weather, friendly people, beautiful coastlines and countryside are just some of […]

Singapore is the Very Best: 6 Reasons Why I Think So

Many people who live in a country with a typically cool, wet and windy climate dream of retiring to somewhere warm and sunny. There is of course a lot to consider before making a long-term move, as opposed to merely visiting on holiday. Contributory factors in making the final decision might include the cost of […]

Why Would You Want to Retire Abroad?

Have you spent the whole of your working life in a country where you have not felt particularly happy? Do you feel as though you have put up with a number of negative factors in order to save enough money for your retirement, but now that you have the opportunity, you would like to consider […]

6 Really Fantastic Sailing Destinations for Retirees

Whether you choose to stay on a boat in the local harbour, or buy or rent a property close by, there are many retirement locations which are excellent places for sailing. Here are six of the best sailing destinations for retirees. Guatemala Guatemala is to the South of the Gulf of Mexico, and Lake Atitlan, […]