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November, 2012 | Retirement for Seniors
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5 Honest Facts about Retiring to Thailand

The thought of retiring to a country so far away may seem a little intimidating to many people—especially when we are talking about the continent of Asia. After all, this is the continent that is synonymous with Third World countries and many of us see life as being very cheap in this part of the […]

Great Retirement Locations for Food Lovers

We all have a certain style of cuisine that we favor over any other. Usually this is the food that originates from our own home country, but there may also be another country’s cuisine that excites us and leaves our mouths watering for more. So, now that you have reached retirement age, what is there […]

What Do I Want To Do?

Article Number: 3 Date : Nov 27,2012 I am sorry I have not added any new information to my retirement experience until now: I have been stuck in indecision. Have you ever been there? It really can be a miserable time. It is one of those times when I find myself afraid to make a […]

5 Really Expensive Places to Live When You Retire

Now unless you are fortunate enough to be a millionaire, if you are in the process of trying to find an affordable place to retire to, you might like to pay attention to the suggestions made in this article. Based on my own experiences whilst traveling, I have tried to offer some helpful advice on […]

5 Countries Where You Can Retire and Live Cheaply

Once we reach retirement, making sure we have more than enough money to last us is definitely one of the biggest concerns. We certainly want to be able to live life to the full, but we can’t afford to pay through the nose in order to do so. This is where I thought it might […]

7 Great Reasons for Retiring to the Canary Islands

For many, the thought of relaxing and enjoying their retirement in another country, away from the hustle and bustle of their former working life, may feel like a distant dream. However, nowadays, with excellent flight and communication connections between most destinations, this can become a reality for many. This is especially the case for those […]

6 Questions to Ask for Singles Retiring Abroad

Wherever you’ve set your heart on: be this Thailand or even somewhere in Europe, if you are intending to retire abroad as a single person, there are some very pertinent questions to ask yourself before doing so. You will hardly need reminding of the fact that you will only have the one income to rely […]

5 Common Mistakes People Often Make Before Retiring Abroad

There is no denying the fact that reaching retirement can be a very exciting stage of one’s life. After all, you have worked for goodness knows how many years to reach this point; why shouldn’t you now look forward to enjoying all of the leisure time that is at your disposal. Better still, why not […]

7 Reasons Why Menorca is Great to Retire to

The Balearic island of Menorca has become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades with tourists and people looking to retire to a great part of the world. This island definitely tends to me much quieter and more laid-back than the neighboring islands of Mallorca and Ibiza and its compact size means that you […]

The Top 10 Interesting Facts About Retiring to Cyprus

The island that is synonymous with the Greek Goddess of love—Aphrodite—has so much up its sleeve for anyone who may be looking to retire to Cyprus. This island lies at the far eastern end of the Mediterranean and enjoys some of the best weather to be found in this vast sea. Cyprus has a fascinating […]