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March, 2012 | Retirement for Seniors
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The Intelligent Way To Withdraw Your Retirement Money

Most companies, both large and small, offer their employees some form of retirement plan. Traditionally, these plans were so-called “retirement benefit” plans; employees would pay into an overall company retirement fund, and would then be rewarded with monthly pension checks, starting at retirement and lasting for life, often with survivor benefits for a surviving spouse. […]

How Much Is the Average Retirement Income in America? Where Do You Stand? Will you Have Enough?

Most Americans look forward to their retirement. After long years of work, retirement offers a multitude of possibilities, whether we want to travel, study, continue working in some capacity, or just relax. However, we may feel some uneasiness at the same time — with people living longer and longer, retirement may stretch on for 25 […]

The Truth About Tapping into Your IRA before Retirement

Almost all Americans are entitled to open an Individual Retirement Account, or IRA. These tax-advantaged accounts are a solid supplement to any retirement nest egg, if you already have a 401(k) or other retirement assets; or, if you begin early and make the maximum contribution every year, an IRA can grow to become your primary […]

How Much Retirement Is Paid to Our Congress?

Every American is responsible for providing for his or her own retirement, but it often seems as though our retirement incomes are dependent on the whims of others — namely, lawmakers in state capitals and, even more, in Washington, D.C. Congressional debate surfaces on a regular basis on the future of the Social Security system, […]

Easier Than Ever… What Retirement Income is Taxable?

We all pay taxes on our earned income — money that we earn from working. Income tax is a fact of life in most places around the world, though rates vary widely from country to country. We also pay tax on our unearned income — money that we earn from collecting rents, for instance, or […]

Let Me Show You How to Make Your Retirement Money Last

Retirement can be a period of relaxation and reflection after a lifetime of hard work. Or it can be the beginning of an entirely new life, lasting for twenty or thirty years. How you aspire to fill your retirement years depends at least to some degree on how many years you will have. In planning […]

Now You Can Start Planning For Your Retirement

When we’re in our twenties or even our forties, retirement can seem so far away as to be almost unreal, as though it’s something that will happen to someone else, in some other life. As we progress through our working years, we develop routines centered on our jobs, our families, and our paychecks. It’s easy […]

How Much Is Enough For Retirement?

Retirement offers opportunities you never had in your working years — leisure time for travel, hobbies, further study, a new career, or even just relaxing. How much will it all cost, though? You should start planning early if you want a real chance to pursue all those opportunities, and that means doing some number crunching, […]

When It Comes To Planning a Retirement Dinner

Retirement is one of life’s major turning points, and it deserves a good sendoff. If an office colleague, significant other, or best friend is approaching his or her retirement date, get together with other friends or colleagues and plan a good retirement dinner to kick off the transition in style. If you do it right, […]

Now Available-Social Security Administration Forms

Nearly all Americans will have business with the Social Security Administration (SSA) at some point in their lives. All American taxpayers have a Social Security number, which you’ll need to do everything from opening a bank account to filing your taxes. And all taxpaying wage earners pay Social Security tax, which funds the Social Security […]