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January, 2012 | Retirement for Seniors
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How Long Will Your Savings Last?

Present Value Calculator

Yes You Can Find Cheap Places to Live in California

For many Americans, retiring in California is an aspiration. Florida is overrun with retirees already; the Gulf Coast is too undeveloped; Arizona is too one-dimensional. But California has it all — big, cosmopolitan cities; beautiful natural scenery; mountains and beaches; deserts and rainforests. However, the state has a long reputation for unaffordability; retiring in California […]

Making Your Own Funeral Plans

One of the more unpleasant tasks you may have to face as you move along in your retirement is making the necessary arrangements for your funeral. Death is the inescapable end for all of us; medical advances have come a long way, but the Fountain of Youth remains a myth. The least we can do […]

Social Security Death Benefits for Children

As most Americans know, the Social Security Administration (SSA) pays out Social Security benefits to all retired American taxpayers who have accumulated enough Social Security credits — essentially, who have worked for ten years or more. Benefits begin at full retirement age (when you are 65, 66, or 67, depending on your year of birth), […]

If Your Social Security Card Is Stolen

Nearly all Americans have a Social Security number, printed on a simple name card-sized card and issued practically at birth. We live our entire lives with the same number, which becomes affiliated with our tax records, bank accounts, insurance policies, employment records, and a host of other matters. We can’t do anything without a Social […]

Americans Don’t Save For Retirement

For Americans, saving for retirement seems to be one of life’s most cumbersome chores. Even high earners often live from paycheck to paycheck, finding little time for financial planning. Many wage earners have an opportunity to establish 401(k) plans or other savings plans at their place of employment, but even there we tend to procrastinate. […]

Facts You Need to Know About The Cost of Living Comparison by City

Retirees these days are apt to move around; because retirees are healthier than ever before and can anticipate at least a few decades of active living, it’s become more and more common for a retiree to pick up and move to an entirely new location, in pursuit of new goals and dreams. However, in deciding […]

Social Security Card Name Change

One of the most common chores you may have with the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a Social Security card name change. In most cases, the change will be prompted by your marriage; or, you may wish to revert to your original surname if you’ve divorced, or you may have some other reason for a […]

Social Security Branch Offices

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is headquartered in Woodlawn, Maryland, west of Baltimore. However, if you have questions about Social Security benefits, disability benefits, or any other issue under the SSA’s jurisdiction, you don’t have to travel to Maryland to sort the matter out in person. The SSA has 10 regional offices, 8 processing centers, […]